20 Black Oxide Button-Head 1-72 Threaded Rivets

Kit includes 20 high-quality Black Oxide Steel BUTTON-HEX-HEAD rivets and the WASHERS to fit. These special rivets can be screwed into the body post to achieve a professional look, and are easily removed after install for re-work. Includes a special high-torque hex key to drive the rivets into a 1/16" pilot hole.

These rivets will retro-fit into a body post that's been pilot drilled with a 1/16" hole. The heads measure approximately 1/8" in diameter, and the length of the posts are approximately 3/16" long. The washers are approximately 3/16" in diameter.

They will thread into the drilled post with only some light lubrication on the screw. If you want to tap the hole first, please see our special Tap for these screws.

Price: $7.95

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