Paint Hardener In Large Size

We now offer paint hardener in a large 2 ounce bottle. That’s 4 times larger than our standard bottle, and the price is great! Only $24.95

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Welcome to Brightvision Products, home of the famous Brightvision Wheels!

VW SurferIf you’re¬†looking for Redline Wheels, you’ve come to the right place. If you need some assistance identifying which specific wheels you need for your casting, use our Redline Wheel Selector.

We have been dedicated to the Adult Die-Cast Hobby since 2001. We strive to offer the highest quality products available for Serious Collectors, Restorers and Customizers around the world!

Home PageWe’ve gone through great effort to research and replicate each type of wheel from the first 5 years of Redline production. The wonderful thing about the first 5 years is that the wheels are removable. This means it’s simple to replace missing or broken or worn Redline Wheels. It’s amazing what new wheels can do for a car you want to display! We’ve even created some new Fantasy Redline Wheels that were never produced, like our Large Deep Dish wheels and our Deep Dish Cap wheels.