40 Stainless Steel 2-56 Hex-Drive Button-Head Screw-In Rivets & Washers For Customs


40 Stainless Steel 2-56 Button-Head Screw-In Rivets, Washers & Wrench

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40 high-quality Stainless Steel BUTTON-HEX-HEAD rivets. These special rivets can be screwed into the body post to achieve a professional look, and are easily removed after install for re-work. Rivets require a hex key to drive the rivets into a 5/64″ or #51 pilot hole.

Includes our special “high-torque” hex key and 20 Stainless Steel Washers.

These rivets will retro-fit into a body post that’s been pilot drilled with a 5/64″ hole. The heads measure approximately 5/32″ in diameter, and the length of the posts are approximately 3/16″ long.




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