Chaparral 2G Black Replacement Wing – Looks Like Rare Prototype Wing!


Redline Chaparral Black Replacement Wing

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This is the highest quality reproduction Chaparral 2G wing ever produced. They’re arguably better than the originals because they’re practically indestructible! As you probably know, the originals are very fragile; just a few bends to the wing, and it’s toast! Other reproductions out there will not even bend!!
If you are a student of Redline collecting, you know that early prototype Chaparrals were track tested with a black wing. Early photos show Chaparral 2G casting with a black wing on them. Here’s your chance to display your Chaparral in a cool new look, just like the early prototypes!
With these great reproductions, you can bend the wing hinge over and over and over, and the joint will not break! I have tested one of these to about 500 cycles, and it still has not broken! And here’s the best part; they look and fit exactly like the originals!

These super high quality parts are injection molded in the US with superior plastic to ensure lasting color and strength. Guaranteed performance and satisfaction. These wings are made to original engineering specifications using the exact same materials and production methods as the original parts. All of our parts are made in the USA

So whether you’re looking for a replacement for a broken one in your collection or you want to display your car with a pristine wing that won’t break when handled, this item is for you! Super easy for anyone to install. Complete and ready for use on your redlines! See pictures for details. Cars not included.


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