Redline Conversion Kit for Modern Castings – includes 48 Hot Swap Bearings and 48 Deep Dish Wheels


48 Redline wheels plus 48 “Hot Swap” conversion bearings


This listing is for a set of 48 Redline wheels plus 48 “Hot Swap” conversion bearings. Enough to convert 12 modern vehicles to Redline Wheels

At last! A quick solution for putting old school Redline Wheels on newer castings! Our exclusive “Hot Swap” bearings allow you to swap modern wheels with old style Redline wheels without modifying the cars! No more tearing the cars apart to replace the axle systems! Works only with “BEARING” type wheels! Will not work with “CAP” wheels!

All wheels are Deep Dish Bright Chrome. You get:

  • 4 Small
  • 20 Medium
  • 20 Large
  • 4 Extra Large

These work for castings from 1973 to present day peg cars. Enough for 6 castings. Once you “Hot Swap”, you won’t stop!

Here’s how they work:

  • Cut the old wheels off without touching the axle (a good sharp pair of dykes does the trick)
  • Snap the “hot swap” bearing onto the bare axle (best to use a small pair of needle nose pliers to hold onto the bearing)
  • Push the Redline wheel onto the bearing

Just like everything else we make, we designed and manufactured these snap on “Hot Swap” bearings right here in the USA. The Hot Swap bearings are injection molded for superior quality, and made with genuine Delrin Plastic, just like the original Hot Wheels bearings.

That’s it!

Please note: These will not work on early Redlines from 1968-1972. These are designed for the castings with thicker axles.


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