Special Sampler Set – 18 Redline Wheels


Sampler Set of 18 Redline Wheels

Title Range Discount
Sampler Wheel Set Discount 2 10%
Sampler Wheel Set Discount 3 20%
Sampler Wheel Set Discount 4 - 100 25%


Sampler Set of 18 Redline Wheels

If you’ve never seen Brightvision Wheels up close and in person, this value-priced group gives you a chance to review each of the 18 different Redline wheels we offer.

These wheels fit the original Redlines from 1968 through 1972. Collectors know about all the various removable wheels installed on Redlines from the first 5 years of production. From 1968 through 1970, Redlines used a few different “Bearing” style wheels. First there was Deep Dish, then standard Hong Kong (the classic Redline look), then US Bearing Wheels. From 1970 through 1972, Redlines used “Cap” style wheels.

Here’s what the backsides of the various wheels look like

We’ve gone through great effort to replicate each type of wheel from the first 5 years of Redline production. Hong Kong Bearing wheels are the most common wheels from 1968 & 1969. These highly detailed and brilliantly shiny wheels give off the classic Redline look. Deep Dish Bearing wheels originally came on the early cars in 1968. The Deep Dish wheels have a great profile because the mag is inset from the wall of the tire, just like a real car. The Deep Dish wheels were only produced early on in the first year, and replaced with the Hong Kong Bearing wheels. The early cars came with two sizes of Deep Dish wheels; small and medium. We actually offer the legendary Deep Dish wheels in the LARGE size wheel! It was never produced this way, and collectors have always tried to imagine what their Hot Heaps and Spoilers and Indy Cars would look like with this size Deep Dish wheel! Now the fantasy is reality for everyone!

Cap style wheels made their way into production Redlines in 1970 and continued through 1972. The face of the Cap style wheel looked very much like the Hong Kong bearing wheels, however they attached to the axle system differently. After many requests, we have engineered Deep Dish Cap wheels that are just awesome! When installed on a car that takes Cap wheels, the car takes on the wheel profile of the Deep Dish wheels on the very early cars from 1968.


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