Volkswagen Rear-Loading Beach Bomb – Red Over Chrome Text Base Omega with Black Interior


Volkswagen Rear-Loading Beach Bomb – Red Over-Chrome Text Base Omega

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At long last! A chance to acquire a die-cast collecting hobby legend! A limited quantity of Brightvision Rear Loader Beach Bombs is now available for purchase. Act now to add one of these prized Hot Wheels to your collection! It’s been over 20 years since they were readily available, and they’re currently prized items in collections all over the world!

Wondering about the history? Brightvision reproduced the legendary RLBB back in 2001 and caused quite a ruckus in the Hot Wheels collecting community. The first generation release was referred to as the “Alpha” model, and was available from April 2001 through March 2003. In April of 2002, the “Omega” version was released and was also available through March 2003. The Omega was a refined version of the RLBB, with fine details and higher quality paint than the Alpha version. You can read all about the details over at if you’re interested. There’s a lot of history documented at that site.

So what are the ones available now? Well, they are recent assemblies of Omega parts produced back in 2002. All the parts are “NOS” (new old stock) and have been assembled in the same fashion as the Omegas from way back in 2003. These cars are riveted together in the exact same way as an original Hot Wheel was assembled back in 1969. No glue or “fake rivets” used in the assembly, and the Spectraflame paint colors are magnificent!. Brightvision is renowned for its excellent wheels, parts and production techniques, and the details really express themselves when you have one of these beautifully crafted creations in your hands.

These buses were built the same way as all the original BV RLBBs. The parts were all assembled recently in the USA. Each comes with a signed and stamped Certificate of Authenticity, and they’re shipped free of charge via US Priority Mail to anywhere in the USA. Each listing is for a specific vehicle. If you select a particular vehicle, that’s the vehicle you will receive.

There have been a few low-quality knockoffs of the legendary Brightvision RLBB through the years, but none come close to the quality and workmanship you will enjoy with one of these beauties! Get one now! This is a very limited run.


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