Nitro-Flame Paint

The Original Spectraflame Colors!

Brightvision has been making Nitro-Flame paints since 2001. All custom color matched to replicate the original Spectraflame colors! Restorers and Customizers depend on our high quality paints for their projects. Now you have access to the most sought after brand in Redline Paints!

Our paint is “Un-Cut”. What this means is you will have to reduce it with a good medium temperature thinner before use. You may be working with some already that will work fine. If you need reducer, you can find it on our website. We recommend a “Urethane Grade” automotive paint reducer for our paint system.

Typically, you can cut the paint with the reducer 1:1. So your paint will double in volume. Some people thin it even more. You’ll have to experiment to see what works best in your airbrush rig. A ratio I recommend is 3 : 1 : 1 (paint : reducer : hardener).

In order to obtain a durable and glossy finish, you must add hardener to the paint before spraying it on your project. Most Urethane Grade Automotive Hardeners work with our system, so if you’re already using some, it should work fine with our paints. If you need some, we offer it in our store. The hardener is not necessary, but it does add some extra toughness and high-gloss to the finish. The more you add, the shinier the finish! Be careful when using hardener! If it gets into your paint source, it will turn into a solid in a few hours!

Most people spray the paint directly onto the polished zinc die-cast surface. There is no need for a base coat. However, if you want to lay down a base coat keep in mind that our Nitro-Flame paints are transparent. In order to get that original Spectraflame look, the paint needs to be sprayed onto a reflective surface. Keep in mind that layering multiple light coats can lead to many color variations. Always apply light coats and work up to the final color shade you’re after.

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Showing 1–18 of 40 results