Our Story

Brightvision has been the Premier Manufacturer of reproduction Redline Parts and supplies since 2001. Our passion for accuracy, details and consistency is evident in all the products we offer. Everything we produce is Made In The USA, and our service commitment is World Class.

Brightvision hit the collecting stage in a big way at that event. Their reproduction of the famous and ultra-rare Rear-Loading Beach Bomb Casting was highly sought after. To this day, the collect-ability of those Brightvision production pieces from 2001-2002 are in demand and highly collectable. You never know what’s around the corner for Brightvision! Be prepared!

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Tony Young has been the driving force behind Brightvision since 2001, back when they introduced their first products at the initial Nationals Event in Chicago that April. “That’s one of those weekends I will never forget as long as I live… I had no idea how much attention we would get!”

Tony comes from a collector background, having an obsession with the wonderful little toy cars we call “Redlines” since the day they hit the pegs back in 1968. Tony’s die-cast car collecting began in 1964 when he was 5 years old. “My Father paid me 50¢ a week allowance, and all of it went to purchasing Matchbox cars. Each Saturday, my Father would drive me to the local Hobby Shop on Figueroa Blvd. in Highland Park, and I would select another casting. That’s how it went until 1968. When I saw my first Hot Wheels car on the peg at SS Kress, I never bought another Matchbox again!”

“I am emotionally connected to the early Redlines, from 68-72. After 1972, I was out on my Schwinn Varsity looking for as much girl trouble as I could get into. I never bought another Hot Wheel again until I was in my 30’s. I was at the Pomona Auto Swap Meet looking for classic car parts, and I stumbled upon the “Toy Aisle”. A guy named Fred Blood was there selling Redlines, and it just amazed me! I went to my parent’s house and found my old collection. Then the bug hit me again to fill in holes in my collection. Back then, clean Redlines were under $5 so it was a casual thing I would do at the Swap Meet a few times a year.”

“I have always been focused on the details. I really enjoy casting variations in the early cars. That’s really my collecting strength. Some do colors, I do variations. Additionally, I’m really engaged in the raw material conversion technologies that create the parts we offer. In short, I really dig die casting and injection molding.”

Our Redline parts are the highest quality available, and all Made In The USA, and we offer Free Shipping to anywhere in the US for all orders over $15! We ship all over the world, and are thrilled to connect with International collectors. For payment, we accept all major Credit and Debit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay & PayPal.

By the way, we ship fast. All shipments leave our Jasper, Georgia facility the next business day after the order is placed and payment is received, sometimes sooner! We are committed to service and satisfaction. We will do whatever it takes to ensure your experience shopping with us in an excellent one. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, return it within 21 days for a full refund. No questions asked. We hope your time here is both informative and satisfying.

Drop us a line with any questions you may have. We’re here for you!