Hot Wheels Screw-In 1-72 Rivet Tap, Safe-T-Handle & Bits Kit For Customs & Restorations – Exclusive Brightvision Tool


1-72 Rivet Tap and Safe-T-Handle & Bits Kit – For Threaded Rivets

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We offer screw-in rivets and taps in two different sizes. This listing is for our Smaller 1-72 size screw-in rivet/tap system. This size works best for Hot Wheels and Matchbox produced before 1978. Perfect for early Redlines and Matchbox!

If you want to work with our larger 2-56 size which is perfect for early Redline Hot Wheels, check out our 2-56 section store for those screws and taps.

Two-Fluted 1-72 Carbon Hand Tap & Our Exclusive Safe-T-Handle Required For

Screw-In Replacement Rivet Prep

Two Drill Bits (1/16″ & 1/8″) Required For Rivet Removal and Pilot Hole

Our Exclusive “Safe-T-Handle” is much easier to use than traditional tap handles, and is Specifically Designed to work with 1-72 and 2-56 taps.

The Safe-T-Handle is made from aircraft aluminum, and it has much less mass than a traditional tap handle, and will keep your taps from breaking as often.

When running the tap into the pilot hole, always use oil on the thread of the tap for fluid threading action. When the tap stops, do not twist any further. It has bottomed out. You’re done threading the hole!


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